You're on the Right Path for Getting Going Online

I teach tech-challenged people how to create, maintain, and grow their Online Presence - with ease!

Throughout the process of creating your online presence, you'll run into the need for graphics and images and marketing materials from a variety of angles. Canva is a free, web-based, design application that allows people who aren't good with tech or design to produce high quality, professional materials, for free. This course is about learning your way around Canva.

Anyone is welcome to take this course, but my area of specialty is helping tech challenged people get started with their online presence from scratch. If you need help with this, check out my workshop below.

If you know someone who needs helps with this, please send them the link to this page.


Want to learn how to REALLY setup your online presence?

And are you fed up of being left in the dust because of tech?

Getting Going Online Workshop

Getting Going Online Workshop

How many times have you heard some expert make the statement that the tech is irrelevant, or that it's "so easy even I can do it"?

And how often does it end up making you feel deflated and inadequate… because you've taken a look and given it a stab, and have been left feeling completely lost and overwhelmed?

Well I'm here to tell you that they're wrong.

Tech is not irrelevant. It's one of the major causes of stress for entrepreneurs and authorpreneurs.

What is irrelevant is their opinions of tech - because they don't understand what it does to YOU.

But I do.

I get the fear, frustration and overwhelm that tech causes.

I get the constant procrastination because it's just too much.

But I can also show you the truth that the tech is so easy that even YOU can do it.

Whether you run a business or are writing books, you need to be visible online.

What you've been missing is a guide. And not one who is going to cost you thousands of dollars to tell you that you need to spend thousands of dollars.

You need a practical, affordable guide. One who will walk you through the steps from ground zero when you're cashflow is tight and every penny counts.

That's what I do.

But rather than wasting your time telling you about it, let me show you, completely for free.

Click the link below to access my free workshop:

Getting Going Online Workshop

In this workshop you're going to learn:

  • Two important trends that you need to be aware of
  • The structure blueprint and process we call BUGS
  • The two primary reasons people fail to establish an effective online presence
  • The 4 key qualities tech savvy people possess
  • Creating your own path
  • Step by step blueprint of what you need to do

This workshop shows you exactly why tech has been such a huge obstacle for you and what you can immediately do about it.

But don't just take my word for it. Check it out for yourself and you be the judge, click the link below:

Getting Going Online Workshop