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Tanya Jones-Thibodeau

Do you struggle with the "tech" side of doing what you love? Are you tired of the hours of wasted time, the frustrations, the overwhelm, and feeling completely alone as you battle through website creation, social media, and the foreign language that goes along with it?

I'm here to help.

Whether you're an entrepreneur or an author. Whether you've been at it for awhile or are just getting started.

The "tech" side of what you do is a necessity, but it doesn't have to be a negative experience.

Through Panoptic Foundations I help people at all different levels and stages with their tech, and my speciality is beginners.

Since everyone is different, I offer a few options to get you the help that you need. To start with, all of my training can be purchased as individual pieces, click the link below to "View All Courses". Or check out our five core options below.

The five core options that we have available include:

1. All access membership - Beta Launch $15/mth

  • Full, unlimited access to most of the training included within this site: tutorials, mini-courses, up to 1-hour of live one-on-one support per month, monthly live Q & A, new content added weekly. (Does not include signature courses coming in the future.)

2. Tutorials only - $10/mth

  • Unlimited access to all current and future single lesson tutorials and replays of the live Q & A sessions. (Does not include live one-on-one support or live Q & A.)

3. Coaching & Strategic Planning - $150/hour ($1000 minimum retainer)

  • The support and guidance you need to navigate the waters of getting established online.

4. Private training - $150/hour

  • You can book one-on-one training sessions with me by the hour where we together on something you specifically need help with. These sessions are conducted by either Skype or Zoom. There is limited availability for this service.

5. "Do-it-for-you" services - $150/hour

  • If you have some specific tasks that you need done that are of a deeper technical need, then chances are it's likely something that you really don't need to "learn" how to do for yourself. Or maybe you've run into an issue that you haven't been able to resolve. That's where my "do-it-for-you" services can come in handy.

Click on one of the options below to get started. Or click on View All Courses to see everything that is currently live - remember, new content is being added weekly. Courses, tutorials and services can be purchased individually outside of a membership option as well.

You can view and purchase lessons individually as well, click the View All button above to see what's currently available. New lessons are added weekly.


What people have to say about

Tanya's training and services

"In the middle of the biggest technical launch of my life Tanya stepped in, calmed my fears, gave me practical steps to get out of the weeds, and reminded me I could do it! A huge part of my success was because she stepped in."

- Beth K, Founder, Remade

"I love how you have made the steps so simple to follow. I have read other 'so-called' simple stuff that leaves me scratching my head and feeling stupid. You present well."

- Maria G, Author

"Tanya is a tech wizard! Whenever I'm stuck she's my Batman to the rescue."

- Deb G., School Division Employee

"You know LOTS of stuff. You are very smart and have a ton of expertise in your field."

- Kerry P, Coach

“Thank you SO much for your commitment and focus on my project. This means the world to me and has the ability to transform my online training programs and increase my impact as an educator.”

You can view and purchase lessons individually as well, click the View All button above to see what's currently available. New lessons are added weekly.

Who We are

Tanya Jones-Thibodeau, Founder & Instructor

Tanya Jones-Thibodeau

My passion is helping people. I have a knack for it. Twenty-five years ago I was helping people learn how to play the piano - today I'm helping people learn how to play the computer. I work primarily with raw beginners and those just getting going. I guide you step by step in setting up your online presence so you’re excited to share it with the world. I've led an enjoyably varied life over the years - it all adds to what I do.

In addition to being heavily involved in technology from many angles, I own a digital media publication (online newspaper) called the Gateway Gazette which I started with my mom, Pam, back in 2004. I'm also a published author of YA/Fantasy. And I was involved in the Real Estate and Appraisal industry for over 10 years. My background in publishing, small business and professional industries all helped to inspire my desire to develop this style of training programs.

I have current, hands-on experience that has grown and developed over the last 25 years through online courses, tutorials, trial and error, and sometimes just getting lucky. I have 25+ years of real life, business experience in the fields of teaching, technology, writing, real estate appraisals, horsemanship, music, marketing and publishing. All of this combined has given me the know-how, insight, passion, and desire to help others through teaching useful application of technology in a way that will be most impactful and achievable in their lives.

I'm the techie who speaks non-techie!

Pamela Dykes-Jones, Co-founder and Assistant Guinea Pig

Pamela Dykes-Jones

Pam is my sidekick (and mom) and makes sure that I stay on task. She also tests each new concept presented. Pam has a strong background in business (but she'd probably give me heck if I told you EXACTLY how many years that is... let's just say it's A LOT).

She's a wonderful and brilliant lady who instilled in me a very real and wise truth:

A computerized system is only as good as the manual system that it's based on.

Lifelong reminders of this is what keeps everything I do well grounded and makes sure that the tech I teach is done so in a way that HELPS my students in real life - not create more work and frustration.

Just like you, Pam is NOT techie!

Pam is fondly known as my Guinea Pig!